adjective: without fear; bold or brave; courageous; dauntless; intrepid; lionhearted; heroic; daring; audacious.

As I ponder in this word and what it means, more and more images of what fearless means come to me. Being fearless can be represented in many forms. Forms of freedom, forms of braveness; stories of valiant men and heroes of old as of contemporaries, etc. So being fearless can mean a lot of different things to one person. 

I am sure that this word will mean a lot to me this year. To lose the fear of many things is my target, my focus. Fear is lethal. It can slowly kill you. By definition, it makes you quickly pull far away from [threat] and usually hide [wikipedia]. 

So my question is, what am I hiding from? Or better yet, who am I hiding from? What are the very fears that are keeping me and you from our full potential and purpose? You see, when it comes to your destiny, dreams and efforts, the only one that can stop you is you. And I have come to find out that most of the time the reason I did not initiate something was fear. Fear of failure, fear of people, fear of myself, fear, fear, fear. 

As we begin a new year - for me - there is a lot of pondering to do. To meditate in those things that you know have stopped you from many, many things. You know, things likes starting your own business, or maybe finally taking that class that you've always wanted to take but you did not because of fear of what people would say. What about that ministry idea that has been in the back of your head? Or that trip that you have been wanting to do, but you remain fearful of what the reality of this world may show you when you see the misery people live in. You know, that desire of wanting to do something about it but not knowing if you'll stand by yourself or will someone else join you in your fight against injustice. 

The thing here is: life is short and simple. Why spend my years limited by my own fears and never try new things? Please, don't get me wrong. I am not talking about delivering yourself to things that are "OK, as long as you don't hurt someone else." I am talking about those good things that have been in your heart and mind to do. Those. That "stuff" that keeps going in the back of your head but you think is too crazy to do or talk about, but deep inside your heart you know people will be blessed by it. Yeah, that stuff.

So as I ride this new year with an adventurous mindset, I challenge you to do the same. I'll see you on the other side.