I Peter 2:9

it's your enemy


It can destroy you. It wants to destroy you. It wants to creep into your life and destroy every corner of innocence there is. It wants to erase every single dream of yours and eat up the seed of dreams that God planted in your heart. 

Pornography. It hurts other people. It hurts the girls being used. It destroys their feelings and emotions, dreams and hopes. It takes away their peace and joy. It distorts their innocence and sells it as "something". As something cheap, with no value or regard; something available to "play" with and throw away. As nothing. 

Pornography will lie to you. It will never tell you the truth. It will leave you hungry. It will never satisfy you. It will betray you, it will forsake you. It will invite you then accuse you.  

But you, you are different...