FAQ: Programming

where does the money go?

100% of donations we receive goes to fund mentorship and awareness. We work one on one with survivors of abuse and exploitation. All funds pay our mentors, keep our non-profit operating, and further the boutique (which raises awareness in our community). Whether you buy a dress from our shop, or donate directly, know that we are honored you would choose to join with us in the work that we are doing in Tucson. 

does sex trafficking in Tucson?

Short answer. Yes. Human trafficking is the fastest growing industry on the planet. And it occurs everywhere that there are people. 
Sex trafficking (the sexual exploitation of people for commercial gain) is hidden in plain sight in the United States. Find out more on our "Awareness" page under "Programming"

who are the survivors you work with?

We partner with other organizations in the community who refer survivors to our services. Most or our survivors have been commercially exploited. Though, we work with anyone who has survived abuse or exploitation. Currently, we work with women who are 18+. Though survivors in Tucson are limited to this age, gender we feel this is the group that we are called to, able to serve at this time. 

how do I volunteer with you?

We would be honored to have your help in this fight. Email us at info@ freeeverafter.org OR fill out a contact form. We will get you an application and meet with you to discuss the best way you could fit on our team. Some areas volunteers can help in : Boutique | Retail | Jewelry Making | Special Events | Fund Raisers | Administration

how do I donate to you?

You can make financial donations on our website (scroll to the bottom of any page) or through facebook. We accept gown donations during our open ours in the boutique (Thursday- Saturday | 10-3). If you have other recources you’d like to donate please fill out a contact form or call us at 520 338 8463

are you a faith-based organization?

Yes we are. Our brides, volunteer, and survivors come from fall different backgrounds and no one is restricted from working with us. However, our leadership is committed to seeking the Lord in every area of our organization. Be it our retail space, or how we operate, or what resources we offer survivors. We believe in whole person healing and that comes through the work of God in a persons life. We will alway work toward that end in a way that we believe honors the Lord.