Photograph by Audria Abney

Our mission

To reach survivors of sexual exploitation (sex trafficking), to cultivate their gifts, talents and abilities, and to empower them to become successful women and history makers.

Our vision

To inspire truth and identity into the ladies we serve. Mentoring them and helping them to see themselves with their true identity of worth, value, and purpose; one that surpasses the low distorted one of our culture.


Through the partnership with other local organizations, we are able to provide mentoring services to women who have experienced sexual abuse and exploitation. While the advocacy and awareness many times focuses on rescuing children from trafficking, we believe that for this season God is leading our organization to mentor the abused and exploited little girls who are now grown women and didn't experience neither awareness or a rescue operation to set them free. These women have lived their entire  lives believing a lie, that they are worthless and all they can offer is their bodies. Every week we mentor survivors and walk with them through the process of healing and restoration. We have seen an incredible healing take place week by week as they discover their true worth and identity. 

Our goal is to empower and equip our survivors to become the future mentors of the youth prevention program we are preparing for.  A survivor leader brings a deeper impact to the prevention and recovery of abused and exploited children.

Our Story

What began as play dates, coffee, and Bible studies between great friends evolved into dreaming, planning, and praying for something that seemed almost impossible for two stay-at-home young mothers. We challenged and encouraged each other to become history makers, placing our mark in this world through our new found adventure and idea. My passion against the sex industry and abuse of women and children  began when I realized what pornography addiction does to people and the victims. As a young child a relative sexually abused me for several years. This experience drastically changed my life resulting in promiscuity, alcohol, depression and even suicidal thoughts.  

Cynthia Magallanes  Founder/Executive Director

Cynthia Magallanes

Founder/Executive Director

Today, as a mother of two beautiful girls, I cannot sit back and watch the daughters of other women being enslaved, and do nothing just because my daughters are safe. My desire is to be a mother to this generation and leave a legacy not only to my daughters but other women as well. A legacy that serves others, speaks up for those who cannot, and fights for those that are enslaved. This passion was ignited when I was praying some time during 2012 for guidance and direction. 



There it was, in a thrift shop where no future bride would have even consider to look. In the midst of old, dirty and ugly dresses waiting for someone to find it and give it a new value and purpose. In the same way the women and girls we  serve were in the midst of ugly and dirty places, yet seen as beautiful and redeemable by our loving Father. Thus, on a Monday morning of August 2013 we purchased the very first dress! This dress is on display at the Free Ever After Bridal Boutique to serve as an inspiration for all who walk through our door. 


Help us fight sexual abuse and exploitation today!